Point Of Lay Hens

We stock up to ten different breeds of point of lay pullets at most times during the year. They are priced from £14.50+ each and mixed breeds will happily live together. These are hardy birds, specifically bred for laying consistently all year round. The breeds we regularly stock are as follows:


The Ranger will lay over 300 beautiful brown eggs per year. They are good pets as they can becomevery tame and tend to be good with children and are one of the best hens we have. Also known as warrens or bovan goldline chickens.

 £14.50 each

Rhode Star

The Rhode Star lays between 250 and 280 eggs per year. She has a calm nature and is a good pet. She loves to explore and is good with children.

 £14.50 each

Light Sussex

This hen is not just a laying bird but due to her heavy breast, is also bred as a table bird. She will average around 240 to 260 light brown eggs a year. She has a calm temperament which makes her become a good pet.

 £14.50 each

White Star

The White Star is a Leghorn cross. She will lay between 300 and 320 pure white eggs a year. She is slighter in stature and the other breeds. She makes a good free range bird however, they tend to be quite flighty.

 £14.50 each

Nib Bluebelle

The Nib Bluebell is a lavender coloured bird. She is placid, calm and makes a sweet pet, she is good with children and loves to roam the garden. She lays 240-260 eggs a year and the eggs are brown in colour described having a plum blush.

 £14.50 each


This hen has cuckoo markings making it a very beautiful bird. She is crossed with a Maran and Barred Plymouth Rock. She will lay between 240 and 260 eggs dark brown eggs per year.she is a placid bird.

 £14.50 each

Amber Star

The Anber Star is a calm, inquisitive hen. She will lay bitween 260 and 280 cream coloured eggs a year. She is a good free range bird and a good pet with her friendly nature.

 £14.50 each

Partridge Leghorn

An exceptionally attractive and distinctive hybrid bird.  Can be flighty but can tame down with time.  An all round good layer.  POL hens

£15.00 each

Bovan Nera

A hardy bird with good laying capabilities. Lays a nice brown egg.

 £14.50 each

Looking for something a bit more unusual? We also stock some pure breed large fowl and bantam birds. We hatch the following birds during the spring and summer months

Buff Orpintons

Buff Orpintons have very laid back personalities and make great pets. The original orpington, the Black , was developed in England in 1886. The Buff is a colour variation of that breed. They are avarage layers and like most pure breeds they tail off during winter months. They are very popular for ther large fluffy looks and their gental nature.

£30.00 each

Cream legbars

this breed was created from barred rock,brown leghorn and Araucana chickens. The breed was developed in the 1930’s. This breed is an “auto-sexing” brred which means the chicken can be sexed from hatch as the males and females look distinctively different. This hen is popular as 75% of legbar hens lay a blue/green egg. Our hen is a proven coloured egg layer, which passes a higher chance of her offspring als laying the coloured egg. Many people like a diversity of coloured eggs from their hens. She is a light bird, but lays around 200 eggs per year.

£25.00 each.

Silver Sebright

the sebright is one of the true bantams. That means there is no standar (larhe) version of the breed. The breed was developed by sir john sebright early in the 1800s and has the distinction of being the only breed of chicken named for an individual. This bredd is very popular for its eye catching appearance and gental nature.

£25.00 each

Lemon Booted Bantam

also known a “sablepoots”, this hen also has feathered feet. She is a rare breed in the uk. During the spring and summer sablepoots lay a huge number of eggs, up to 5 eggs a week each which is fantastic for a rare breed. They are extreamly pretty and are a popular breed to own.

£25.00 each

Lavender Pekin

A lovely looking, calm and affectionate bird.  Ideal as a pet, but not necessarily for good egg production. Hens

£22.00 each

Chocolate Pekin

A calm, affectionate, lovely looking chicken.  Ideal as a pet, but not necessarily for good egg production.

 Hens £22.00 each

*When purchasing Poultry, we ask customers to bring boxes. We try to recycle our own boxes but cannot guarantee that we will have any. Otherwise we sell pet carriers at £2.99*